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The Repiblic Amidst the Social Contract: An In-depth Review of the Society - Essay Example


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The Repiblic Amidst the Social Contract: An In-depth Review of the Society

On the other hand, Rousseau embarks his examination of politics by contemplating the source of the authenticity of political sovereignty (1-8). The Book 1 of The Republic by Plato aims to face two challenges by defining what justice is and why should the individuals in a society be just (1-31). On the other hand, the Book 3 of the Social Contract or Principles of Political Right by Rousseau elucidate the administrative powers of government in terms of motivation and power: Every free action is produced by the concurrence of two causes; one moral, i.e. the will which determines the act; the other physical, i.e. the power which executes it… The body politic has the same motive powers; here too force and will are distinguished, will under the name of legislative power and force under that of executive power (1-4). The Book 1 of the Republic by Plato depicts the perfect community termed as utopia and the erudition of the Guardians that aid in the explanation of concepts revolving in the society. On the other hand, the Book 3 of the Social Contract or Principles of Political Right by Rousseau highlights the attempt to differentiate the Government and the Sovereign which comprises the administrative power in the Society. ...
He is also the host of the group, and the first to offer the meaning of justice. Cephalus acts as the spokesman for the Greek tradition. His description of justice is an attempt to articulate the basic Hesiodic conception: that justice means living up to your lawful obligations

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and being truthful. Socrates setbacks this formulation with a counter example: giving back a weapon to an insane man. You owe this man his weapon in some sense if it belongs to him legally, and yet this would be an unwarranted act, since it would endanger the lives of others. So it cannot be the case that justice is nothing more than revering legal obligations and being law-abiding (Plato 1-4). On the other hand, Cephalus’ son Polemarchus, the stereotyped son in a society depicts justice as owing your friends help while owing enemies mischief. Though this definition may seem diverse from that suggested by Cephalus, they are closely associated. They share the essential necessity of bestowing to each what is due and of conferring to each what is suitable and fitting. Like his father’s view, Polemarchus’ view on justice signifies a widespread element of thought—the attitude of the ruthless young politician—whereas Cephalus’ definition denoted the standpoint of the established, old businessman. However, Socrates divulges many discrepancies in this view. He pointed out that, for the reason that, our conclusion pertaining to friends and enemies is unsound; this credo will command us to cause detriment to the noble and lend a hand to the wicked. People are not at all times allies with the most righteous individuals, nor are our adversaries always the malevolent persons of the society. Socrates indicated that there is


Name Professor Course Date The Republic amidst the Social Contract: An In-depth Review of the Society The Society in both works namely, The Republic (Plato) and The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right (Rousseau) portrays a set of virtues, principles and norms that serves as the basis for its foundation…
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The Repiblic Amidst the Social Contract: An In-depth Review of the Society essay example
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