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Reasons for Truth and Reality - Essay Example


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Reasons for Truth and Reality

Reason per se has its own reason for being. Through the process of reasoning, we are able to understand the things and events around us. We may be different in our levels of intellect but we are all the same rational beings. Since the beginning of time, the thinking and free man is perpetually in search for truth and the ways to know the truth once it has been found. We are all seekers of truth and only reason will lead us to the right path. One of the zealous defenders for the use of reason and nothing else is Plato. Through his work called The Allegory of the Cave, Plato has extensively explained that only reason shall open our eyes and give us a clear vision of the truth and reality. Without reason, we may view the world and everything in it through a set of confused eyes that have been clouded with emotions, superstitions, prejudices and speculative presumptions. Unless our eyes are opened and enlightened by reason, all that we would see are shadows of the truth and reality. In the words of Plato himself, “The world of our sight is like the habitation in prison, the firelight there to the sunlight here, the ascent and the view of the upper world is the rising of the soul into the world of the mind…”(Cunningham, 327). ...
To see is to believe. However, not all things that exist can be tested through the senses in the same way that just because something has not been seen or heard means that it does not exist. A classic example for this is the mind. The mind cannot be touched or seen

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Truth: How we are to think upon truth, is as diverse a topic as principles of biology or mathematics. I will examine this question in three approaches commencing from the debate of epistemology, a debate on literature and finally a look at the theory of correspondence in light of metaphysics and truth.
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The matter though is older than 2,000 years and even though philosophers have been struggling with the meaning of truth since before Christ the word requires elucidation. The exposition of truth therefore may be as varied as our perception of it, owed in no small measure to our culture, background and surroundings.
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Nietzche's Philosophical Understanding of Truth
Walter Kaufmann sees him as a radical empiricist because of his denial of metaphysical truths while supporting truths which are empirically derived. Others see him as the best example of a metaphysician, the essence of which is refuted by his works.There are many points between these two extremes in terms of the interpretations they gave to Nietzsche's works.
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However, for O'Brien, story-truth is more true than happening-truth, for several reasons. While happening-truth may be what literally happened at war, the fighting, the death, the destruction; it loses everything that makes it human to describe war that way.
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Reality TV
However, all real-life based programmes are not termed as 'reality show' such as documentaries and non-fictional programmes like news and sports. Reality show includes a wide range of television programmes encapsulating games or quiz shows often bear a resemblance to frenetic.
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Truth and Lies
In counseling, the issue of truth/lies needs to be dealt with carefully taking into account the demands of the situation. For this, the primary requirement is to be determined to realize the factors leading the clients to the issue of truth/lies and manage the situation accordingly.
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Science tells us the truth about reality
A source of information shows if the information is validity. Investigating sources of scientific knowledge can explain if science tells the truth about reality. There are many ways of developing scientific knowledge. Experiment is an example and involves
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Science tells us the truth about reality
The empirical knowledge promotes scientific thinking and defines and describes reality of events and issues by examining facts from various perspectives and researching it thoroughly before coming up with plausible conclusion about the reality or the event per se. Science
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Science tells us the truth about reality
Scientific discoveries, theories, and concepts have characterized the 20th century. Despite the impact of science on humanity, science keeps on evolving.
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Science tells us the truth about reality (or not)
Using the work of Peirce, this paper is meant to support the argument that science does not occur naturally to us human beings nor does the open mindedness which is usually
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and yet everyone would agree that in truth and in fact, it does exist. Therefore, the use of sensation as a means to understand the truth and reality is not reliable. It may lead us into believing that non-physical things are unreal and that all physical manifestation of something shows its true form and nature. As a matter of fact, sometimes our own senses betray us especially when we are deprived of its full utility. Plato has so vividly described it in The Allegory of the Cave, “Then if their prison had an echo from the opposite wall, whenever one of the passing bearers uttered a sound, would they not suppose that the passing shadow must be making the sound?” (Cunningham, 326) Although the philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are popularly known for their works, these celebrities of the ancient world are not the first generation to have actually pondered on the issue about how we comprehend the truth and reality before us. Way back in circa 510 B.C., Parmenides had already declared that, ‘“That which exists is real; that it should not exist is impossible.’ This is the reasonable road, for Truth herself makes it straight.” Parmenides argues that “thought and existence are the same” and the mere fact that one has thought about it brings that thought into existence (Cunningham, 306). One’s thought cannot be subjected to the test of the senses and yet we all know that it does exist and our thoughts are very real experiences. If we just follow


Reason for Truth and Reality For coming home late, for not answering calls, or for failing a course, we all have reasons for everything and we reason with everyone. These reasons may not always be the truth or the real cause for our shortcomings but we easily or painfully give them away…
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Reasons for Truth and Reality essay example
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