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Reasons for Truth and Reality

Reason per se has its own reason for being. Through the process of reasoning, we are able to understand the things and events around us. We may be different in our levels of intellect but we are all the same rational beings. Since the beginning of time, the thinking and free man is perpetually in search for truth and the ways to know the truth once it has been found. We are all seekers of truth and only reason will lead us to the right path. One of the zealous defenders for the use of reason and nothing else is Plato. Through his work called The Allegory of the Cave, Plato has extensively explained that only reason shall open our eyes and give us a clear vision of the truth and reality. Without reason, we may view the world and everything in it through a set of confused eyes that have been clouded with emotions, superstitions, prejudices and speculative presumptions. Unless our eyes are opened and enlightened by reason, all that we would see are shadows of the truth and reality. In the words of Plato himself, “The world of our sight is like the habitation in prison, the firelight there to the sunlight here, the ascent and the view of the upper world is the rising of the soul into the world of the mind…”(Cunningham, 327). ...Show more


Reason for Truth and Reality For coming home late, for not answering calls, or for failing a course, we all have reasons for everything and we reason with everyone. These reasons may not always be the truth or the real cause for our shortcomings but we easily or painfully give them away…
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