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Engineering Ethics Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 6 October 2011 Engineering Ethics One of the engineering ethics which governs the interaction of engineers with the society binds the engineers to work for the welfare of the society utilizing their knowledge of engineering in the best possible way (Catalano).


Question 1 Suicides have become a social issue of paramount significance which cannot be ignored in any field of life (Pfatteicher). When engineers design buildings, mechanical equipment or other products, there are always some harmful aspects in addition to the useful ones. As the professional code of ethics puts a professional binding on engineers to work for the welfare of mankind and utilize their knowledge and resources available to them for the development and augmentation of human beings therefore solving the social issues is also one of the various responsibilities of an engineer. Engineers by virtue of their profession are supposed to propose solutions to the problems faced by the society. The impression that suicides is a medical or psychiatric problem about which engineers cannot do anything and thus they are not responsible for the control of suicides, is not correct. The issue of suicides is very much connected to the field of engineering because engineers can modify their designs to control the suicides. Moreover technology can be utilized to prevent suicide in some of the methods of suicide being used. Incorporating suicide prevention devices in the design is one way out of many in which engineers can play a role in preventing suicides. ...
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