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Media Communication of Scientific and Environmental Information

This does not auger well with society needs, as there is nothing like general audience. News reporting should enable decision makers to do their job effectively and at the same time, it should make sense to experts in the field. Thesis Statement. The objective of this review paper is to discuss how unethical partial or wrong reporting of scientific information is. In this context, I will illustrate how partial reporting of scientific views ends up harming the exact masses the media aims to protect. EFFECTS OF SCIENCE AND MEDIA IN DAILY LIFE Economic Ramifications. Scientific claims are usually beneficial to the society in curbing or at least reducing the adverse effect of natural or artificial phenomena to the environment and human life. For instance, the US government had spent millions of dollars to remove asbestos roofing to avoid its effects on human health. In this case, the general population received suppressed information and scientific views that had opposed it ignored. Later, scientists figured out that the process of removing asbestos produced toxic gases that were more harmful than letting them be (“New View” 1993; cited in Roll-Hansen 104). The media played a key role in suppressing the information from one side since it had biased opinions towards supporting the government project. ...Show more


Name Professor Module Date Media Communication of Scientific and Environmental Information Information is vital for the running of day-to-day lives as it forms the basis to all reasonable decision making. Media is the main channel for communication to the public, decision makers and other stakeholders…
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