Plato through Descartes: Main Problems of Philosophy

Plato through Descartes: Main Problems of Philosophy Essay example
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Name: Professor: Course: Date: PHILOSOPHY 1. Plato I:  The Apology of Socrates As asserted from the history of Greeks, Plato was taught by Socrates but not at any given time did he write about him. In this regard, any information we retrieve about Socrates has emanated from Plato and other philosophers that have written about Socrates.


From the perspective of ethics and politics, this philosophy is the basis of the right behavior, and on an anthropological aspect, they form the platform of Plato’s dualism. Moreover, they pave way for him to be able to illustrate the immortality of the soul. Despite the philosophy being educative, it also propagated some social controversies amid of Socrates and other philosophers and also with the society at large. This is narrated in “The Apology of Socrates”, where Socrates is accused before the court of Athens as he is perceived as a great danger to the city. The reason being he was thought to be an atheist and a corruptor of the youth. Socrates refutes these allegations and endeavors to show that he was on the due course of carrying out a divine command to ascertain the nature of indisputable wisdom. In defending himself against the allegations, Socrates points out on some essential philosophical concepts, such as the nature of wisdom, the distinction amid of knowledge and belief. It can also be noted that, Socrates harbors strong religious belief, but he is not aware about that. ...
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