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In this regard, this essay will focus on the problem of skepticism, in terms of if we can ever be justified in claiming to know something and has risen repeatedly in the history of epistemology, as well as expound if the challenge of skepticism can be answered in my area of study, communication and advertising ( Feldman & Richard, 2003). Skepticism questions our knowledge in many ways, as well as domains where by we think that knowledge is possible. However, the problem of skepticism has risen repeatedly in the history of epistemology, in that some philosophers think that the main purpose of epistemology is to rebut and meet the challenge of skeptical. For example, Philosophical skepticism is a school of thought which crosses cultures and disciplines. In addition, many skeptics have critically examined the meaning of the systems and the examination often results to doubt or ambiguity. Skepticism also ranges from disbelief in philosophical contemporary solutions and rejecting the external world to reality (Chisholm, 1992). ...
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Skepticism Instructor name: Unit Name Introduction There is so much of epistemology that has risen in opposition or defense of skepticism. Chisholm (1992), claims that one can classify a number of theories in terms of knowledge according to their responses of skepticism…
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