The Mind-Body Problem, Freedom and Determinism Problem

The Mind-Body Problem, Freedom and Determinism Problem Essay example
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Student’s Name ID No. Professor’s Name Class Title Date Mind-Body Problem and Freedom and Determinism Problem Overview Descartes suggested that consciousness is a part of the mental part of the mind. Consciousness goes on in every human being’s mind.


The knowledge of our conscious states is usually connected to the perceptual experiences that we go through. Constant thoughts, thirst, hunger, feelings of sadness and anger, pains and itches and somatic sensations are among the inclusions of a conscious mental state (Kim 67). There have been different sets of ideas regarding the mind and the body. Many people have argued and different and separate thoughts and ideas of whether the mind and the body are the same thing or whether they are different and separate. We have been brought up with the idea that we have minds. We are taught in many different ways that we have both minds and bodies and they exist differently. Many people have accepted this fact despite the few people who argue against it. The small number has been increasing due to the several changes in beliefs that have sprouted recently that give evidence contrary to the popular belief. Self-understanding by humans is an important part of philosophy and science. This can be achieved by understanding the place of thought and feeling in the natural world. When trying to understand the natural world, one has to consider the relationship between mental and physical phenomena. There has been a lack of agreement on what really is the relationship between mental and physical phenomena in psychology and this is what is traditionally known as the mind body problem (Cooney 25). ...
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