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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Alternative Media Analysis The piece of visual communication that one intends to analyze is a video containing clips of news reports from Fox News entitled “Lies, Lies, Lies” shown in YouTube on April 27, 2008. The video clips were a compilation of visual communication that clearly show mixed media messages in terms of showing the public a decry for the network’s continued reporting of information and contents contrary to their fair and balanced contentions.


The analysis would cover the message, the message maker, the interpretation and finally, a concluding portion. The Message The video clips are shown through YouTube and the messages that were imparted by the visuals are repeatedly promoting the fair and balanced reporting at Fox News. Apparently, there are various former fox employees who were interviewed and recorded that attest that at Fox News, they were given internal memos usually at the start of the day indicating what to talk about, what not to talk about and how to deliver the report and the job of the reporter is to execute the plan. These people disclosed that Fox News is merely a proponent of a point of view (YouTube). Ironically, the first part of the video visualized words that relayed the message: “your mind is controlled by the rich who owns America’s media” (YouTube). The first testimonial was delivered by Bob McChesney, Founder of Free Press and author of “The Problem of the Media” clearly argued that “the revolutionary breakthrough with the Fox News is eliminative broadcasting” (YouTube). ...
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