Charles Peirce's Fundamental Distinctions

Charles Peirce
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Name Instructor Course Date Charles Peirce's fundamental distinctions based on the number 3 According to Charles Peirce, there exist several fundamental distinctions based on the number three. This is exemplified in his definition of belief in three components.


Therefore, the following paper tries to establish whether these distinctions reflect or correspond to each other or whether they are entirely independent from each other. To begin with, Peirce postulates that there exist three modes of being. These modes include, first the being of a feeling in itself. This being state non-attachment to any subject. The atmosphere is the only possible form of attachment but since it is intangible, the state can be described as floatation in a vacuum though it is not rational. However, it is capable of being rationalized. Secondly, Peirce argues that there exists a state of being that is arbitrary. This state of being is anti-rational because by rationalizing it, it will be doomed for damage. Thirdly, postulates that there exists the living intelligence from which all power and all reality are derived. This mode of being is rational. It contributes towards necessity and necessitation in human being existence. The potentiality of feeling is the only positive thing that is valued in this third mode of being. Peirce views existence of particulate matter as nothing in them because there are brut forces that propagate them. ...
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