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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Wall Street: A Philosophical Assessment In reviewing the turn of events in the world political, economic and social arena, one of the events that seem to be a hit that triggered intense debates on the academe, questioned the reputation of the global order and stirred popularity in different countries is the Occupy Wall Street Movement.


Delving into a more specific detail, the Occupy Wall Street Movement points out the severe poverty being experienced in the world brought upon by the economic imbalance and instability propagated by globalization. The main issue showcased by the movement is poverty that has been a long-term problem that existed since man assumed control world. In assessing on a philosophical level, there is a need to identify the key players of the issue and the roles that they take. These are the: ruling global economic elite, the masses and the government. First to assess are the global economic elites. These are the ones who control the economy, dictate the order of things and have all the means to utilize the resources crucial for the survival of humankind. Singer, according to his text, numbers does not matter when it comes to dealing with the problem (233). Poverty, in this case, is not only a problem that is faced by the majority of the people or the masses because the global elites, in this case, are able to overcome poverty through their own efforts. Being individuals, they are after their own personal interest since the human condition has shown capacities of doing highly utilitarian act and they are after personal satisfaction (Singer 238). ...
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