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Philosophy: Animal Rights

This paper seeks to defend animal rights against Cohen’s argument that animals have absolutely no rights. Cohen puts forth the argument that animals have absolutely no rights. According to Cohen, to have a right one must be able to make moral demands and be part of a moral community. Only humans have the capability to perceive the moral consequences of their actions, and are reasonably aware of what the effects are to animals or other human beings. He bases his argument from this perspective citing their nature that they lack the capacity to judge moral situations like human beings do. This argument does not stand since animals are entitled to rights preventing them from abuse and immoral experimentation. It is worthwhile to note that human duty to take care of animals entails responsible exploitation of all species, which he is bound to by the obligations we have to animals. Humans are obligated to treat animals with respect based on a moral position of utilitarianism. Animal liberation is absolutely a matter of the principle of equality since animals too have interests. The interests of animals should be given equal consideration to human interests. Concerning this, Cohen’s argument only human beings are entitled to rights is not defensible since animals have the right to be free from harm. ...
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Author Tutor Course Date Animal Rights Introduction Animals have made contribution immensely in the human society since the beginning of civilization. In early days, animals were hunted for food, and their bones used to make tools where as their skins could be used for clothing and shelter…
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