Philosopher's Biography: Aristotle

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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Aristotle Aristotle serves as one of the most distinguished personalities the world has ever produced. By dint of his God-gifted wisdom, extraordinary talent, outstanding foresight, innate curiosity of learning from the social and natural environment, determination to explore every aspect of the universe, unquenchable inquisitiveness and vast observation of natural phenomena, the great philosopher laid the foundation of school of his philosophical thought, which not only inspired millions of people belonging to divergent societies, cultures, regions and religions of the world, but left indelible imprints of his tr


The records found from his sculpture reveal that Aristotle was born in 384 B.C. in Stagira, Charlidice. “The illustration of Aristotle is based on a Roman copy of an original Greek sculpture by Lysippos (c. 330 BC), located in the Louvre Museum in Paris; Lysippos was Alexander’s court sculptor.” (Keltz, 2009: 13) He belonged to a respectable family of ancient Greece, where his father Nicomachus enjoyed the status of personal physician of the Macedonian King Amyntas, the grandfather of eminent conqueror Alexander the Great. It clearly shows that Aristotle’s ancestors were highly qualified and respectable citizens of their times, though no one could reach the height of fame and popularity Aristotle has been blessed with. Aristotle sought his early education in Stagira as the member of an aristocratic family, and learned basics of mathematics, logic and science being taught those days in his locality. ...
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