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Plato Symposium: Origin, Purpose and Nature of Law

He argues that the two are linked together because the physical represents an imperfect imitation of the ideal and the objects may actually be the form they purport to represent. Plato says that through this most mysterious thing called love, men are able to realize their ultimate good and according to Diotema, it’s only at this point that human beings find their true meaning. This paper discusses the nature and forms of love according to Plato in The Symposium. Nature of Love Diotema uses the mortal and divine to explain the nature of love and claims that it is the bridge separating the two worlds. She agrees with Socrates that love adores beautiful things and therefore it cannot be divine since one does not go after what he already has and gods are already good and beautiful. She claims that love springs from a state of absolute poverty but it has the possibility of achieving the greatest in human beings. She compares love to philosophy which is a struggle between what is and what is to become. Diotema clarifies Socrates argument to conclude that those who use love to pursue the good will eventually attain happiness to the highest degree of fulfillment where all desires are satisfied. This ultimate fulfillment is the ideal, the real meaning of good and since there are many ways to pursue this, it is only one of them that will bring this satisfaction. ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Institution: Course: Date: The Origin, Purpose and Nature of Love In the Symposium, Plato tells us about the nature of love as described by seven men attending a symposium. In the drinking party, every man is expected to deliver a speech about how wonderful love is…
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