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Death how should we think of death and dying - Essay Example

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Death how should we think of death and dying

He is especially interested in the dark side of life: guilt, death struggling and suffering. So I will argue in favor of Jasper and believe that death should be faced with courage by human as his inner nature is eternal. Death sets a limit on our time in this life, urging us on to do something productive with that time as long as it is ours to use. If one begins to see death as an invisible, but friendly companion on one’s life journey – gently reminding not to wait until tomorrow to do what one mean to do - then one can learn to live life than passing through it. To rejoice at the opportunity of experiencing each new day is to prepare for one’s ultimate acceptance of death. We must allow death to provide a context of our lives, for in it lays the meaning of life and key to our growth. Jasper mentions death should be faced with courage Death is an integral part of life and is a process which cannot be avoided by any creature on earth. If one is born then he is destined to die. This is an endless cycle a never ending process. Jasper is right in saying that death should be faced with utmost courage. Death is a hard truth of our life and one who sees death as a suffering or evil indeed is a coward. It is a transitional phase of man and this should be understood by human beings, in order to face it with courage. Everything ordained by our creator should be accepted by us with wholeheartedness. Just like life, death is a reality and should be faced with full acceptance. Generally, it is the misconception and ignorance of people that lead them to think of death as a suffering or evil. It should be understood by human that they are not just a physical being but an entity with transcendence quality. The journey of a human being is not short lived but an endless cycle of birth and death. Jasper does not believe in surrendering to death but embracing it with joy. It should be regarded as an entrance to new phase of life as life is an unending journey. Japer believed that human beings have an inner nature which is eternal. Since his soul is eternal, he should not be feared of death as nothing can kill him. Every man is feared of death Although Jasper is right in suggesting death should be faced with courage, every man on the face of earth fear death. It is a fact that, human being by the very name of death fears and it can be termed as instinctive .It could be his urge to survive and protect himself which has led to the generation of a fearful feeling of death. Many a time’s practical life is different from theoretical and philosophical life. It might seem easy to articulate theories about death, but in reality when once face death then he is feared utmost. In so far, death means not only a termination, an end but a consummation as well. Death is absolutely universal in human life. Everyone accepts it as natural and obvious that he must die. At the same time, a secret protest and an undistinguishable horror before this end abides him. In every means, metaphysical anthropology cannot explain this fact. If a man is an immortal being, then why he should be afraid of death. May be it could be the feeling of pain and abandoning his body is the reason for the fear. One could say that death is punishment given to man by God to which make man understand that this material life in not eternal.A man who does not have a spiritual understanding can consider death as evil and unwelcoming. And a fear of death is also a warning to man about ...Show more


Topic:  Death; how should we think of death and dying? Introduction Death is the most mysterious issue which has confused men since time recorded. It is a truth which every one of us has to face. Death is an inevitable phenomena .Death is not an enemy to be conquered or a prison to be escaped…
Author : abogan
Death how should we think of death and dying essay example
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