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Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Essay Example


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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

This is because with the death of God, the question amongst man became, “Who is to command?” The answer to this becomes, “The herd commands” (Nietzsche 30). This rule of the people by the people is seen as the birth of democracy in the contemporary society. This can be marked by the period in history where there was a decline in the concept of ruling elite. This was formally characterized by monarchs and other forms of concentrated powers to rule the masses through a religious code. In the book therefore, the nationalistic state becomes “the new idol” and the “coldest of cold monsters” Zarathustra, to this effect states that, “A state is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lieth creeps from its mouth. ‘I state that I am the people.’ It is a lie! Creators were they who created people and hung a faith and love over them: thus they se4rved life!” (Nietzsche 30). Perhaps this quote can be best used as evidence of contemporary politics, which professes that leaders serve the welfare of the people, while in the real sense they are just but pursuing their self-interests under the veil of democracy. To this effect Zarathustra proclaims, “Just see the superfluous ones. Wealth they acquire and become poorer thereby. Power they seek, and above all the level of power, much money” (Nietzsche 31). This best captures the rot that is present in modern democracies, and the self-serving interests pursued by the contemporary politicians in the name of the people. Ultimately, this

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fails because by false democratization, it drains the potential resources from which the creation of new values would come from. Zarathustra also talks about the decay in the political arena. He advances this opinion through the statement that upon the death of God, man was left to his own perils to rule over himself and fellow men. He asserts that when man was left to rule himself, his greed and selfishness eroded the moral fiber that once bound the society. Zarathustra places the blame of moral decadence and the contemporary political rot on the erosion of Christianity and Christian values. He broadly asserts that God is dead, “Could it be possible! This old saint in the forest hath not yet heard of it, that God is dead!” (Nietzsche 3). On this note, he is of the opinion that the power of Christianity and Christian values had been killed by the contemporary age, and these virtues of statehood and leadership had been killed as well. He goes on announce his discovery to the people of the first town he comes across from his descent from the mountain. He reasons that since God was dead, the moral code was dead as well since there was no more fear of God. “Once blasphemy against God was the greatest blasphemy, and God is dead; and with him the blasphemers” (Nietzsche 4). This implied that once God died, man resulted to his own devices and corrupted all so as to gain power and pursue self-interests. He thus proclaims, “Just see the superfluous ones. Wealth they acquire and become poorer thereby. Power they seek, and above all the level of power, much money” (Nietzsche 31). This is clear evidence of the greed, corruption, theft, and scheming that characterizes the
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Name Instructor Task Date Thus Spoke Zarathustra In the book ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra’ Nietzsche uses the teachings of Zarathustra to reflect on the changes that occurred in the contemporary political society. He uses these teachings to enhance the theme of greed, corruption and self-interests that is predominant in the politics of the contemporary society…
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Thus Spoke Zarathustra
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