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The novel makes use of simple language to portray its message. The main issue in the novel is the clash between the African and the European way of life, and whether it is possible for the two cultures and religions to coexist peacefully. Religious pluralism refers to a situation in which different religions coexist peacefully together. It emphasizes that the different religions have some common beliefs and each religion should recognize the validity of the other. In Things Fall Apart, such a situation would be desirable as there is a conflict between the ‘European’ religion, which is Christianity, and the traditional African religion. The believers of the two religions in the book have not sought a common ground, which would be important in easing the tension that has been brought about by the introduction of Christianity. The novel tells of the domineering nature of the colonial rule in Africa and how the Western culture, practices and way of life was imposed on Africans. The Europeans did not take time to learn the African practices before condemning them as evil and backwards. They consider them to have no education and they consider the religious practices of the Africans to be heathen or primitive. This posed a conflict and set the stage for a rebellion among the African communities. The traditional African life was very religious. ...
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Instructor Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart is one of the books written by Chinua Achebe, one of the most renowned African writers. The book tells the story of European colonization of Africa. The book, which was published in 1958, tells the story of life in a village known as Umofia…
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