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Overview of the main ideas and arguments of Esthers Meeks book: Longing To Know

If someone claims there is no God, again, it is possible to argue that their rebellion against God made them unable to know God. Thus, admittedly, there is a longing to know the absolute truth, and this unanswered question goes on resurfacing in human lives. In the second chapter, Meek accepts the fact that when one starts developing doubts about the foundations of ones beliefs, one finds oneself ostracized in the community one lives in. In addition is the problem that no one likes to live without any hope. Moreover, the issue of knowing too is complicated. If one claims ‘knowledge’, that knowledge should show infallibility and certainty, and unfortunately, in the case of knowing God, those who know fail to show these qualities. Meek points out what happened to the Greek knowledge that they believed to be absolute. Plato and Socrates proved that the knowledge had pitfalls, and thus, proved that knowledge should lead to ultimate realities that are permanent and unchangeable (28). Another argument is that in order to call knowledge knowledge, it should reveal the essential features of the object in question. However, after the period of Aristotle and Plato, essences were taken as absolute knowledge, and hence, the advance of knowledge was hindered for a long time. ...
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‘Longing To Know’: Book Overview Meek starts her book ‘Longing to Know’ by pointing out how difficult it is to answer the question if people can know God. It is pointed out that the question is rather murky as answering is a tough task…
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