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Why Radical Islam Fears Bollywood Pop Culture? The present paper looks for exploring the perils radical Islam maintains against the Indian film industry called Bollywood. The paper is based upon the clash of ideas and civilization between the notorious extremist militant group Al Qaeda and the purported modern film industry of India, which has adopted the western ways by violating all canons of oriental cultural traits once attributed to Indian civilization till the beginning of 1970s.


Islam serves as the third and final religion in the list of the three Abrahamic faiths with Judaism and Christianity as its predecessor beliefs. All these three religions cite their Scriptures not only to preach the teachings, but also exploit the same for their political, social and economic gains. It is therefore the famous maxim was invented that even the devil can cite Scriptures for his own purpose. The same could be applied on the purported extremist organizations including Al Qaeda and Taliban etc, and their satanic-minded leaders Osama bin Laden and his evil companions. By looking into the history of initial years of Islam, it becomes crystal clear that the faith has always been a religion of peace, kindness and compassion, which has treated even its worst enemies on the noblest principles of sympathy and humanity. However, like Judaism and Christianity, its reins and bridles came under the sway and control of the harsh and stone-hearted opportunists, who started exploiting the faith for their personal gains. The same is applied to Al Qaeda, which appears to be determined to create chaos, anarchy and disorder all over the world in the sacred name of Islam. ...
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