All Animals are Equal

All Animals are Equal Essay example
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Client’s Name: Course: 7 December 2011 There are several people who firmly believe that animals have no rights and they can be used for personal benefit, it is very important to deal with such people first. This mindset has to be worked upon if we are to restore parity, it is a very upsetting sight to see a dog get kicked but if we treat the dog like our property, no one will ever dare to damage our property.


The case of animals is very similar to those of the exploited people, we must treat them like human beings because even they feel the pain and react to it, and it is our duty to stop these animals from getting exploited and from getting treated like dirt. They have every right in the world to be treated well and to be shown love and affection. All human beings are capable of logical thinking and deciding whether their actions are right or not? Off late there have been numerous issues when the logical thinking of the human beings has come under the scanner. Ethical issues are issues that question whether the treatment given to animals is humane or not? Ethics are extremely important when it comes to the treatment of animals or for that matter anything else. There have been numerous researches conducted on animals and the animal rights activists have protested a lot against the same. The question is whether we are treating the animals the way they deserve to be treated? Different people will have different says on this but it is largely concluded that we are using the animals for various purposes other than what they are supposed to be used for. ...
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