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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Astrology Astrology is a kind of divination based on the hypothesis which holds that positions as well as the movements of heavenly bodies such as the stars and planets during birth significantly influence the life of a person.


These occurrences may include tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, hurricanes or fires and the way the planet is arranged in relation to the moon or even the sun. This correlation does not provide any prove of causality, but for most astrologers, the information available is good enough. Astrology has several things that it is able to perform better than just random guessing. Astrology’s case is that it is amid the many enduring beliefs held as true by human. It joins us with the universe and the entirety of things, offers a fundamental way of describing ourselves and, it applies a variety of techniques (Dean). Practically an affectionate and compassionate astrologer offers a low priced and non threatening treatment that is otherwise difficult to obtain. The astrologer offers emotional condolence, spiritual back up, and entertaining agenda to arouse self-evaluation. New ideas always emerge which could elicit spiritual cognisance. In an inhumane society, an astrologer gives individualized support at particularly low costs, which cannot be offered by any other practitioner, or by random guessing. There exists logical support for the claim that astrology works better than random guessing. ...
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