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Existence is unease In Buddhism, there are three marks of existence or characteristics that govern the entire existence-Anica or impermanence, Duhkha or suffering, and annata or not-self. These concepts are intertwined in one way or another. This is because everything arises as result of causes and conditions that are constantly in flux.


These are ‘suffering of suffering’, suffering of change and persuasive. Firstly, ‘suffering of suffering’ is ordinary suffering that result from pain and associated by lower realms of existence such as in the human world. Secondly, suffering of change on the other hand encompasses sadness that results from loss of a happy condition, or that that arises when unhappy condition develops. Lastly, persuasive suffering refers to the internal frustrations. This suffering causes unrest and therefore an individual cannot enjoy any pleasant situations. Every living thing in the universe has desires that it would wish to be quenched. These desires for and attachments to worldly things if not accomplished lead to suffering. Therefore, the entire existence is surrounded by suffering that leads to pain. This is not just the pain of life but rather the uncertainty that exists at the center of the common universe, which arises from a person's intention to keep his life and achieving the true enlightenment. Gods are inclined to be proud and are considered to have a higher status in existence because they have very long life times which seem eternal i.e. they generally occupy the highest realms of existence. ...
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