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Human Nature and Psychology: Between the Nineteenth Century and Twentieth Century Name: Institution: Human Nature and Psychology: Between the Nineteenth Century and Twentieth Century Human nature may be defined as the distinguishing characteristics that comprise of thinking, acting, and feeling that humans tend to dominates naturally.


Naturally, human beings are ever considered as the source of norm of conduct or the creatures that define their ways of life and resenting constrains and obstacles of leading or living a virtuous life. Human nature has been evolving since time in memorial. Each historic era is usually defined by distinct characteristic of human nature as well as the psychological concepts. However, since the human generation moves from one era to another, they tend to shade off some defining human characteristic of a given era while moving to other era. Nonetheless, some of the characteristics are carried into the new era. Therefore, the nineteenth century and twentieth century are defined by some similarity and differences in the conceptions of human nature and psychology. Similarities and Differences The end of the nineteenth century was marked with numerous developments that led to rejection of Victorian principles. The Victorian age was marked by shift an agricultural society to an industrial society. The period was as well defined by the decline in traditional religious beliefs and adoption of moral aesthetic. However, they retained the literature values maintaining that the literature would enable them understand and perfectly adapt to the newly founded society (Jeeves, 2006). ...
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