The Examined Life

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Name Instructor Course Date The examined life In Plato’s Euthyphro, through a series of leading questions, Socrates sets up Euthyphro to show him that he does not know what he confidently think that he knows. Euthyphro thinks that he is well versed with religious matters and hence he is not an ordinary mortal.


When Socrates begins to question Euthyphro on what is holy and what is not holy, it turns out that Euthyphro doesn’t know anything religious. From the conversation Socrates has with Euthyphro, it is clear that Euthyphro does not know that he doesn’t know much about religion. In so being, it goes without saying that he doesn’t know himself and hence the need for him to engage in in-depth learning on religious matters. Socrates uses reasoning through asking questions to Euthyphro to know his knowledge of religion. The same can be applied to a little girl together with other children from Harlem who thinks that there is no need to try hard. When Miss. Moore come along, and broadens their thinking through exposure to a toy shop, they learn that they have to work hard to achieve something in life (Bambara 27). When they thought that they know it all they came to learn that they knew little. In apology, Socrates is facing prosecution for questioning what is below the earth and what is in the sky, and using his weaker argument to outsmart the stronger argument as well as charging people who came to learn from him. He explains to the court that he learnt of his wisdom from the oracle after his childhood friend had confided in him that there was no one wiser than him. ...
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