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The Examined Life - Essay Example

When Socrates begins to question Euthyphro on what is holy and what is not holy, it turns out that Euthyphro doesn’t know anything religious. From the conversation Socrates has with Euthyphro, it is clear that Euthyphro does not know that he doesn’t know much about religion. In so being, it goes without saying that he doesn’t know himself and hence the need for him to engage in in-depth learning on religious matters. Socrates uses reasoning through asking questions to Euthyphro to know his knowledge of religion. The same can be applied to a little girl together with other children from Harlem who thinks that there is no need to try hard. When Miss. Moore come along, and broadens their thinking through exposure to a toy shop, they learn that they have to work hard to achieve something in life (Bambara 27). When they thought that they know it all they came to learn that they knew little. In apology, Socrates is facing prosecution for questioning what is below the earth and what is in the sky, and using his weaker argument to outsmart the stronger argument as well as charging people who came to learn from him. He explains to the court that he learnt of his wisdom from the oracle after his childhood friend had confided in him that there was no one wiser than him. He insists his innocence by claiming that by teaching the youth, it is them who benefit and not him, but due to the public dislike of him Socrates is found guilty and sentenced to death (Plato 42). The sentence makes Socrates see himself

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Compare and contrast Plato's claim
In this effort, Socrates bravely presents arguments relating to the need to live the examined life, as without living a life of purpose and meaning he believes there is no purpose in existence, and the examined life is the highest such pursuit an individual can achieve.
5 pages (1250 words) Essay
Examined life
One of the factors that fundamentally determine an individual’s response to a matter and his/her evaluation of it as just or unjust is the external influence. In order to draw rational conclusions, external influence should be unbiased. In the capacity of a silent observer, I can know the differentiation between the theatrical significance of Socrates’ admonishment and its philosophical significance.
2 pages (500 words) Essay
What exactly is Plato's ideal of the philosophical or examined life
What exactly is Plato's ideal of the philosophical or examined life? Plato is one of the most known philosophers in the world and was a student of the equally famous Aristotle both of Greek ascent. His teachings and musings had a lot to do with life and various perceptions of it and his teachings included a number of ways in which life can be viewed.
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
Readings are from Robert Nozick's The Examined Life
Nozick bases his happiness philosophy on two thought experiments that are the direction of happiness and the experience machine. Nozick’s first thought experience is the direction of happiness thought. Nozick is of the opinion that people care more than the amount of happiness they experience in their lives.
5 pages (1250 words) Essay
Plato Republic (Translated by G.M.A GRUBE) Revised by C.D.C REEVE
This response seems quite over the top to us in our modern era, but philosophers were seen as rogues who corrupted youth. To Socrates, only a person who could examine every single action and thought had the ability to be in a
1 pages (250 words) Essay
Plato and the Platonic dialogues

The author states that Plato’s Apology considers Socrates trial in front of the Greek lawmakers. The Apology then represents the entirety of Socrates’ argument to the court to prove his innocence and demonstrate the absurdity of Meletus claims against him. In this effort Socrates bravely presents arguments relating to the need to life.

6 pages (1250 words) Essay
What exactly is Platos ideal of the philosophical or examined life What does such a life entail Is it of any practical relevance for contemporary individuals
These teachings are still studied today proving the amount of influence that this ancient Greek philosopher had during his time as he provided the world with new avenues of thought. His views on life tended to concentrate on factors such as the acquiring of knowledge and
5 pages (1250 words) Essay
Ethic case 2
This did not go well with most Athenians who considered him dangerously seditious. Socrates had a conviction that the examined life is that spent pursuing internal and pious wisdom. This he says can be achieved by
1 pages (250 words) Essay
In the Apology, Socrates claims that the unexamined life is not worth living (38a)
Where mighty mental powers, if bridled by the soul-force, possible with the knowledge the leads to self-realization, can bring wonders
5 pages (1250 words) Essay
Examined Life film. (Agree and opinion)
She has always thrived in widening the philosophy scope on areas that are yet to be explored with the help of ethics, metaphysics, phenomenology, and ontology so that he can elaborate on the Examined Life Film. The
2 pages (500 words) Movie Review
as a hero thus maintaining his self worth even when he knows that the public dislike him. In order to avoid death penalty, Socrates proposes that he pay a fine but the jury rejects the offer. In Crito, when Socrates wakes up, Crito suggests to Socrates that he should escape since he will be afraid of what other will think of him when they learn that he did not do to anything to help Socrates escape his death sentence (Plato 14). Socrates neither accepts nor rejects the suggestion out rightly, but first analyses the question critically and eventually turns down the request. From Socrates refutation, we learn that we ought to discern good advice and bad advice and then chose the good advice since good advice emanates from the tongue of the wise while bad advice stems from foolish ones. Equally important, is that one should have a specific person who understand them deeply and it is this person they listen to and take advice from and not just anybody. Taking advice from anybody can lead to severe consequences. Socrates eventually decline to escape and choose to await death as he identify himself with the Athenians more than anyone else. Crito is excessively clear in helping one answer the question ‘Who am I?’ Socrates sees himself as an Athenian and hence chooses to die there even though he is offered a chance to escape and hence be able to meet his family in future. The tough decision he takes against the advice of Crito reveal that one should carry a thorough analysis of the problems that come their way before committing to action. It also shows that one has a duty and a responsibility to educate those who advise them foolishly. I essence Crito answers the questions of what one ought to know and what one should do whit what they know. In addition, when making decisions it is of essence that one considers the consequences their actions. In ‘Lottery,’


Name Instructor Course Date The examined life In Plato’s Euthyphro, through a series of leading questions, Socrates sets up Euthyphro to show him that he does not know what he confidently think that he knows. Euthyphro thinks that he is well versed with religious matters and hence he is not an ordinary mortal…
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The Examined Life
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