My Ethical System and Its Justification

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Student Full Name Professor Course Date Submitted My Ethical System and Its Justification I. My ethical system To me good things will better persons and better persons bring about harmonious life. Thus for me, the following virtues are good: (1) Faith – the belief that man is created good and must do good to achieve perfect life, (2) prudence – the wisdom to discern good from evil, (3) justice – the conscious fair regard to others, (4) compassion – the sympathetic consciousness to be considerate of others, (5) humility – the capacity to admit one’s own imperfections, (6) self-control – the ability to be disciplined, (7) fortitude – the strength to take a stand whatever the con


Faith is good because it serves as an unseen yet strong force that compels me to reject evil and choose good. Prudence is good, because it helps me become wiser. Justice is good, because it brings harmony to society as it ensures fairness. When everything is fair, resentment and retaliation could hardly win, which results to peace and order, thus making people’s lives happy and contented. Compassion is good because it awakens our responsibility to care for others. An act that could also help others becomes better persons. The more this world has better persons, the better place this world will be. Humility is good because it frees me from guilt and makes me feel good. Self-control is good because it restrains me from my ill desires while realigns me to what I ought to be. Fortitude is good because it gives me the strength to stand for what is right, whatever the consequence. And hope is good because it keeps me does what is good even in darkest hours. ...
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