Atheism and Communism

Atheism and Communism Essay example
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ATHEISM AND COMMUNISM Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Atheism and Communism Abstract The present paper aims to discover similarities and dissimilarities between the two philosophical doctrines including atheism and communism.


Similarly, communism is a socioeconomic and political term, which also seeks unity and cohesion among the members of society by denouncing any possibility of class discrimination culture. The paper also explores the differences between the two notions under investigation by declaring that a large majority of the communists follows one faith or the other, and hence does not disassociate it with spiritual belief system altogether. However, it is fact that the Christians, Muslims and Hindus are also the followers of communist politico-economic system. Consequently, atheism and communism serve as pole-apart concepts, which share one major commonality i.e. to free the humans from getting divided, alienated and weak subsequently. The Paper The notions atheism and communism have been in vogue for the last many decades, which seek their roots in political science, history, sociology and theology. Theorists are at daggers drawn in respect of exploring similarities and dissimilarities between the two notions. One school of thought declares both the terms as quite different from one another, which should not be taken the lights of the same source. ...
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