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Why the Future does not Need Us

The robotics will have their own mind, make their own judgments and thus eradicate the human race. From this title, it can easily be predicted that there is no future for the human race. Bill Joy debates the negative prospects of the technological advancements in nanotechnology, genetics development and the use of robots. The computers processing speeds exponentially growing in recent years and the development of novel inventions will supersede the speed of growth. The gigantic computing power might make the intellectual fictitious robot possible. Human beings and the robots will merge in an attempt to complete the industrial tasks. These changes might even lead to human replacements in these industrial tasks. These hazards also occur in nanotechnology and genetics scopes of life. The establishment of nanotechnology made possible development of electronics of molecular nanoscale. This technology will grow greatly in the subsequent two decades. Joy said that it is by far easy to make negative applications for nanotechnology as opposed to the more functional ones. He further articulated that, if we do not put the ethical issues of nanotechnology in mind, there is a high danger of destroying the earth’s biosphere that we all depend for survival. The development of genetic technology presently brought us numerous ethical issues. ...Show more


Why the Future does not Need Us
Why the Future Doesn't Need Us provides us with the future’s interpretation in a very pessimistic manner. Bill Joy's depiction depicts how in future the robotic race will conquer the earth once technology advances greatly. …
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