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Introduction to Philosophy 1. What criticism did Kant bring against Descartes’ view of consciousness or the self? Whose view do you find most acceptable, Descartes or Kant’s?  Descartes’ views of consciousness represent our true or inner self. The Cartesian skepticism is the subject of Kant’s critique.


He continues to argue that this method is sufficient to proof the doubt within a concept. This argument contradicts with Kant’s notion of existence of things. According to Kant, a thing is understandable and definable. Separation of rationality and existence of things in the spatial world is the only existing proof of things. Descartes’ method of self-consciousness indicates that the existence of an individual is equivalents to the things that the individual recognize their existence. Existence and non-existence of things introduce the subject of doubt in the argument. Kant considers this argument as illogical and full of doubt. Kant argues that the reasoning behind Descartes’ thoughts does not account for thinking and imagination. He continues to argue that doubting one’s existence is an indication of self-consciousness and, therefore the theory of things and self-consciousness lacks a basis. Descartes views on consciousness emphasis that our sensory perception is our mind. Desecrate explained this idea through his famous classical wax model. This model tried to explain that wax has distinct size, smell, shape texture, and color among other properties. He argued that through our sensory perception we are able to describe the wax from simple analysis and experimentations. ...
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