Plato's Republic, Book VII - The Allegory of the Cave

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Complete Name: Professor: Course: Date of Submission: Title: Plato’s Republic, Book VII -- The Allegory of the Cave (a) Briefly summarize the parable and two or three of the key turning points in the story as you understand it.  In his metaphysical approach of distinguishing reality from illusion, Plato argued that reality is essentially based on forms or ideas that remain constant for ages, so that beyond this the realm of illusions account for objects that are perceived without form and tend to vary like opinions do.


The allegory, on one hand, presents the belief of Plato that in obtaining knowledge of the real world one should be careful not to rely upon sense perceptions, rather through intellectual judgment which takes learning in gradual process. Another key point of the story is the principle it conveys about seeking a path of one’s own toward education instead of merely imitating a master or a teacher as one attempts to copy the latter’s approach. For Plato, education pays regard to leading an individual to strive to find means in becoming educated and not for a teacher to show students what the answers are readily. ...
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