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Plato's Republic, Book VII - The Allegory of the Cave

Since the cave represents the world in which we initially live, with the condition of gloom symbolic of human ignorance, as prisoners of ignorant thought or apprehension, we ought to settle such predicament by moving from the state of darkness where only illusions can be made into that of light in order to acquire a clear view of things. Here, Socrates attempts to communicate the essence of education in the significance of correcting the way things are seen where one engages not only with viewing matters of the physical world accurately but also with the point of gaining access to the ‘forms of ideas’ that are independent of the visible world. Cave dwellers are representative of us people who need to climb our way out of the cave in search of light and the quest is conducted on a gradual basis for any event of proper learning is similar to a meticulous quest which cannot be hurried. This brings stages and identity to a cave dweller who is a metaphor of a person who could reserve the option to stay, leave, and return to the cave. ...
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In his metaphysical approach of distinguishing reality from illusion, Plato argued that reality is essentially based on forms or ideas that remain constant for ages, so that beyond this the realm of illusions account for objects that are perceived without form and tend to vary like opinions do. …
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