Nussbaum on Religion and Women's Rights

Nussbaum on Religion and Women
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Religion and women are two of the integral ‘components’ of the society, and interaction between the two gives rise to various perspectives as well as debates.


In most of those works, she has taken stance strongly favoring the rights of the humans, including men and women, to freely practice their religions. At the same time, she also opined that those religions could have certain practices and traditions which restrict women’s freedom and go against their equality. This paper will first discuss Nussbaum’s views on religion and women’s rights, particularly focusing on why states should not intervene in this complex issue. Then, in the second part of the paper, we will critically discuss these views of Nussbaum on religion and women’s rights, from personal perspective and with perspectives from other thinkers. Martha Nussbaum in most of her works, including her books and various essays, took a balanced stance regarding religion and women’s rights, without criticizing either of the two key integral components. She is of the opinion that good aspects of religion has to be followed without fail, and at the same time, the aspects, which are in contravention with the women’s rights have to be viewed critically. ...
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