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Performance Enhancing Drugs - Essay Example

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Performance Enhancing Drugs

The danger imposed on these mixtures was that when taken in large doses they became poisonous. Actually, this is attributed as one of the causes of early athletes’ deaths like Thomas Hicks. For this reason, using performance-enhancing drugs is not new although it is increasingly becoming more and more popular. Over the years, a number of individuals involved in sports have died either during or after participation in different sports. The loss of many talented athletes who fell victim to PED overdose caused the Olympic team to start up a committee that formulated rules against doping. Nevertheless, some individuals argue that the move of making PEDs illegal was not justified. There has been continued controversy on whether performance-enhancing drugs should be eradicated or legalized. This controversy is at upper levels because some people are in favor of banning PEDs whereas others are continually discovering new ones. Reasons for not legalizing PEDs The use of performance-enhancing drugs should not be legalized. In sports, some PEDs are legal whereas others are not allowed. However, it is important to realize that the legalized PEDs are not harmful. Some of the legal drugs that can be used include supplements and sports foods that provide benefits in sports performance. These legal supplements include bicarbonate, creatine, calcium, carbonate powders, intramuscular iron, intra muscular vitamin, vitamin B12, liquid meal replacements, Melaton, and a few others. In any case, these are not drugs but considered as dietary supplements. Illegal performance enhancement drugs include steroids and methods for enhancement of oxygen transfer. These PEDs are banned because they are meant to increase a person’s activity. Continued use of the drugs, may cause danger to the user. According to most people, the legalization of drugs like steroids could result to lose of fascination in the sports world. In addition, there could be serious medical consequences for the users. Others believe that it is essential to legalize the usage of performance enhancing drugs because individuals would increase their activity, hence, increasing the fun achieved in sports. The awareness to stop the use of PEDs began after the death of a cyclist, Tommy Simpson, during the tour de France cycling race. After his death, specialists confirmed that he had been using amphetamine to enhance his activity during races. Amphetamines is a well known stimulant that is made to imitate adrenaline, hence, causes the users to experience increased alertness, energy and reduced fatigue. It becomes very harmful when the user is dehydrated and is exposed to a lot of heat. The campaign against performance increasing drugs went on and seemed to increase during the Helsinki games of 1952 and the Melbourne Olympics of 1956. However, the sports bodies involved in these games handled the cases ensuring that every player understood the consequences of using PEDs. In the current years, the debate has intensified with different people tabling their arguments about whether the use of drugs should be legalized or not. Some support the use of drugs saying that it makes the action more interesting while those who are against it argue that the use of PEDS ...Show more


The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) began as early as 800BC, sportsmen and women used these drugs to improve their performance. …
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Performance Enhancing Drugs essay example
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Performance-Enhancing Drugs
The use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sports area has been in existence since the ancient Maya and Greece (Jeffrey, Jose, and Douglas 12). Performance potions were used by the Greeks to enhance their abilities, while cocoa leaves were used by the Maya for the same purpose as the Greeks’.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs
Proponents of the use of drugs to improve performance state that it improves physical and mental versatility, and this can be in no way harmful. However, the opponents state that human beings are intelligent enough as they are and have made many strides without aid. Aiding this advancement using drug use would lower the value of any work done by an individual. This means that the use of drugs would reduce the importance of hard work and reduce the impact of many earned successes.
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Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Legalized
Athletes will not stop using them just because they are not legal. They will just become sophisticated in hiding the use of performance enhancing drugs to avoid detection. Athletes are very competitive and they will always seek for ways to improve their performance whatever it takes and that includes taking performance enhancing drugs.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
These substances have the effect of enabling athletes to achieve somewhat superhuman levels of strength and endurance. The pressure on today's athletes to perform and compete at very high levels is intense, and performance enhancing drugs are a very tempting way to easily push one's natural performance capabilities to otherwise impossible levels. Unfortunately, they exact a tremendous toll on the athlete's physical wellbeing, as well as on the integrity of the sport in which it is being utilized.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs
These substances range from caffeine, a constituent of beverages frequently consumed in many societies, through the generally socially tolerated drugs, such as alcohol and marijuana, to the hard, addictive drugs such as the narcotic analgesics related to heroin and morphine and the psychomotor stimulants such as cocaine. Thesis Very often, female contenders are overlooked when it comes to performance enhancing drugs in sport because of different rules and procedures applied to women and men, and different body constitution and chemicals reactions which prevent laboratories to identify illicit substances.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
Good discipline and perseverance gives momentum to athletic performance in the public eye which is manifestation of practice, precision and talent.This pinnacle of performance is reached by victory or defeat, joy and sorrow as witnessed on the field by the fans, organizers, team members and by the individual participant. Success is the moment of euphoria marked by honor and success. The chains of followers are linked with the path traveled by a successful athlete or sportsperson which makes them a role model for the masses.
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Adolescence and Performance Enhancing Drugs
Steroids are often used to build muscle mass in people with degenerative diseases like muscular dystrophy, which are obtained by prescription. However, performance-enhancing drugs like steroids are being used by adolescence, which are sometimes "available over the counter or marketed as natural substances not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (Garzon, Ewald,Rutledge, Meadows, 2006, 159)." The abuse of performance-enhancing drugs, especially by adolescence, is a very serious problem.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs
Performance enhancing drugs have been a bane in the field of sports for a very long time, as athletes have tried to gain unfair advantage through its use, and suffered due to the side effects. Two factors have led to a belief that
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Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

The author states that the most common performance-enhancing drugs are Creatine, Anabolic steroids, and Steroid precursors. Creatine is a compound that occurs in the body naturally and also is sold as a supplement. The major use of Creatine is to enhance the recovery post workout and expand the muscles volume.

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What should happen to athletes who use PED'S (performance enhancing drugs) Why
History proves that those athletes who have previously used these drugs have by far much outperformed their expectations. This is a clear indication that the drugs can help to enhance speed and provide better athlete world results. On the other hand, the
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