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Essay example - Performance Enhancing Drugs

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The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) began as early as 800BC, sportsmen and women used these drugs to improve their performance. …

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The danger imposed on these mixtures was that when taken in large doses they became poisonous. Actually, this is attributed as one of the causes of early athletes’ deaths like Thomas Hicks. For this reason, using performance-enhancing drugs is not new although it is increasingly becoming more and more popular. Over the years, a number of individuals involved in sports have died either during or after participation in different sports. The loss of many talented athletes who fell victim to PED overdose caused the Olympic team to start up a committee that formulated rules against doping. Nevertheless, some individuals argue that the move of making PEDs illegal was not justified. There has been continued controversy on whether performance-enhancing drugs should be eradicated or legalized. This controversy is at upper levels because some people are in favor of banning PEDs whereas others are continually discovering new ones. Reasons for not legalizing PEDs The use of performance-enhancing drugs should not be legalized. In sports, some PEDs are legal whereas others are not allowed. However, it is important to realize that the legalized PEDs are not harmful. Some of the legal drugs that can be used include supplements and sports foods that provide benefits in sports performance. These legal supplements include bicarbonate, creatine, calcium, carbonate powders, intramuscular iron, intra muscular vitamin, vitamin B12, liquid meal replacements, Melaton, and a few others. In any case, these are not drugs but considered as dietary supplements. Illegal performance enhancement drugs include steroids and methods for enhancement of oxygen transfer. ...
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