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The Philosophy of Wordswoth (Name) ( University) Abstract Wordsworth derived his philosophical ideas from his experiences. The Industrial Revolution and the then political philosophy were the two forces which dragged him towards coining his own ideas. The influence of Coleridge about whom he had great admiration, led him to produce more powerful philosophical works.


Apart from what is read and learned he derived his philosophy based on his own life experience. The time he had spent in France was rather painful and difficult. His sojourn in France from 1791 to late 1792 had far reaching effect on his mind and heart. He became an ardent admirer of the revolution and the political philosophy that it entailed. Wordsworth was already biased towards ideas of freedom under natural law, a social system that allowed all men freedom to build their lives on truth and brotherhood. But at Paris power has passed into the hands of extremists who called for deaths of all aristocrats and the reign of terror was unleashed .This seemed to completely upset all the great members of Giroudist partly. He was even in danger of his life. His faith in the Revolution and all that it meant suffered a severe setback and upset his belief in human nature. He coined his own understanding of the world and of human mind in his own terms, formulated his own philosophies which appeared in many of his poems that served as stupendous literary works in English literature. The meeting with a lady, Annette Vallon, at Orleans was a turning point in his life. She gave birth to a child ‘Caroline ‘. But later due to the war he was unable to meet them. ...
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