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Platos Philosophy

Plato’s philosophy of the world of becoming and the world of being are separate entities, but their explanation sometimes blurs the line between the two, since the philosopher made no effort to separate his ideas completely. The final form of the never-ending need to understand is a form of knowledge in the world of forms introduced by Plato. In the world of forms, the philosopher is known to have attained the highest form of knowledge available, and can therefore, be able to see the world of ideas in the world immediately. This is the ultimate and possibly, only final form of knowledge that a philosopher would seek.
From Plato’s philosophy, we can be made to understand that for the faculty of reason described above, one that transcends real world boundaries, there must be a corresponding level of universal reality. These two different factors are divided into what Plato called the world of becoming and the world of being. In the world of becoming, the forms do not change eternally and have non-objective characteristics like beauty and justice. Conversely, the world of being depicts that the beautiful forms seen in everyday life are infinite copies of the forms described above. Plato considered that objects have the ability to acquire and/or lose beauty, but the essence of beauty is such that it has a distinct existence from the objects in the world. Plato insists that the physical objects seen the world are actually perfect copies of the world of forms or Triangle. ...
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Plato’s philosophy of the world of becoming and the world of being are separate entities, but their explanation sometimes blurs the line between the two, since the philosopher made no effort to separate his ideas completely…
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