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Carl Jung

When these processes are considered irrelevant, that is when mental sickness is believe to happen. Carl is the pioneer of modern psychology, along with Alfred Adler and Freud. He is a master of several disciplines from art to theology to modern physics. Jung’s work on Collective Unconsciousness forms the basis of word association tests as well as Meyers-Briggs personality tests. He was an inexhaustible writer; his famous works include The Psychology of the Unconscious (1912) and Psychological Types (1921). (NNDB, 2012) As Jung approached his adolescence, he focused his attention on zoology, religion, paleontology, medicine and psychology. On getting into the Basel University, in 1895, his primary focus became medicine. Throughout his university life, he also became thrilled by the growing science of psychiatry. He became an assistant physician at the Mental Hospital of Burgholzli in Zurich in 1990. He worked under the course of renowned Eugen Bleuler, whose leading work in the meadow of schizophrenia predicted that psychological imbalances arose not only from the occurrence of conflicting desires and beliefs inside the psyche, along with the physical weakening of the brain. ...
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Carl Jung Carl Jung, the founder of the hypothesis on Collective Unconscious is also known for his research in the field of analytical psychology. He used synchronicity in psychotherapy. With the assistance of Sigmund Feud, Jung was able to develop modern theories of interactions between the conscious and unconscious frame of mind…
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