Sensory Perceptions

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It is undisputable that humans rely heavily on their senses in making judgments and in reacting to the world. The senses, ears, skin, eyes, tongue, and nose, are, however, extremely limited in giving precise readings of real occurrences.


Humans, by relying solely on these senses, face numerous limitations and challenges. Our ability to survive in the world this far amidst harsh conditions could be a result of our ability to maneuver safely within it by the use of our senses. However, the mounting threats, global warming, nuclei arms race, and incurable diseases such as AIDS, could be an indication of the unreliability of the senses to foresee looming human extinction. Humans have intellect and should not always rely on inaccurate information generated by the senses in making decisions. There are many reasons to justify the inaccuracy of sensory information. According to Descartes, our human background knowledge is the principal contributor to the inaccuracy of the senses (2002). He says, “Others are in error respecting matters of which they believe themselves to possess a perfect knowledge” (51). By questioning the certainty of two plus three being five, Descartes argues that as much as adding the values represent simple and general objects, our responses could be a result of the background knowledge we have on arithmetic. With no such information, even dealing with absolute objects that their existence is absolute becomes complicated. Additionally, the accuracy of the senses depends on the reliability of observed facts. ...
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