Racial Profiling: Trayyvon Martins Case

Racial Profiling: Trayyvon Martins Case Essay example
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Racial profiling in Trayyvon Martins case Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction In racial profiling, religion, race, ethnicity or national origin are used by law enforcement agents as an aspect in determining who should be taken in to custody, detained or investigated.


This paper will try to show that the motives behind Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin was racially motivated and that the stand your own ground rule in Florida has been used to defend a racial injustice of the highest order. The death of Martin Trayvon, a seventeen-year-old boy, took place on 26th February, 2012. The boy was shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who was not happy at Trayvon and his friends for being unable to stop the burglaries in their neighborhood. Zimmerman spotted the teen walk past the rain in a grey hooded sweater and alerted the police on 911. He later followed the teen and according to eyewitnesses, there were some confrontations between the two; Trayvon was shot by Zimmerman and died on the spot. The teen was not armed at all. At that time, the police refused to arrest Zimmerman even though they knew it was him who had shot Trayvon, claiming they had no evidence to disagree with his account that he shot to defend himself. Norm Wolfinger, State attorney who was investigating the case, said that on Tuesday 10th April 2012, the case would go to grand jury which would decide whether to charge Zimmerman or not. After the shooting incident, Mr. ...
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