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Name Professor Course Date Problem of Evil The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate two arguments relating to the problem of evil. The paper will first discuss the arguments from the problem of evil. Then it will provide counterarguments. Another issue that the paper will address is my belief as regards this problem.


The question is viewed in the angle that if God has all the power and ability he is said to have, why is he not capable of preventing all the evil that affects the well-being of people. Furthermore, a group of people that tend to question the existence of God asks if he is truly morally perfect; and if he is, why does not he do anything in relation to controlling the bad things that happen. These questions conflict with the firm belief of the orthodox theist. The theist believes there is a perfect God who is in control of everything that happens in this world (Michael 324). The other significant issue employed in the logical problem argument is that it is impossible for some of the statements to be true. One such statement indicates that God is omnipotent. This statement simply means that God is all-powerful (Michael 324). The other statement that cause question is that God is omniscient (Michael 324). This statement means that God is all-knowing. Moreover, another statement that tends to raise various questions states that God is perfectly good (Michael 324). The final statement that develops various questions on this issue is that evil exists. Some people in the society support the above statements, but they tend to raise various contradictions in relation to the logical problem argument (Michael 326). ...
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