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Business Ethics Analytical on a Ethical Dilemma

The dilemma of the situation is that you cannot choose both alternatives but you have to pick between the two alternatives (Badaracco, 1997). As a department manager, I have to choose between my integrity as a person and as a manager committed to do responsibilities and duties or choose to keep our productivity up and allow the bribes, dishonesties and lies that my employees do just to make close a sale. Both options are right, but there is no way that I can choose both. Badaracco (1997) stated that managers who are caught in “dirty hands” problems have very high risks. Remaining successful and decent despite being in moral and ethical dilemmas becomes a huge challenge to manager. Given the dilemma that I am into, there is a high risk of getting fired if our sales continue to decline overtime. The possible worst scenario is that my team will also get fired. Three types of right vs. right problems of “dirty hands” situations were discussed by Badaracco (1997). The first problem is the crises of moral identity on which a person has responsibilities to himself and to others. The second problem is the conflict of moral identity and personal integrity which a person has responsibilities for others. ...
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Should integrity be compromised for productivity? One of the toughest situations a manager could ever experience is to make a choice between sacrificing our own integrity and principles just to get our sales up. This is a question whether I should choose my job over the principles and integrity that I believe in…
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