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Kant and Hobbes Comparison

Both philosophers believe in pragmatism and ethics. But Kant’s practical philosophy is concerned with the unwritten rules that govern human action while Hobbes believes that human actions are directed towards self-interest based on ethical egoism. With this, Hobbes argues that since humans tend to do things based on their self-interest, conflicts may arise when the interest of one overlaps with another or is in opposition to another. This can only be solved if humans allow others to pursue their own self-interest by doing things that will not hamper another’s pursuance of self-interest. That is the only way to resolve the conflict between human actions. Hobbes also argues that the pursuit of self-interest does not mean doing the good thing rather it is maximizing one’s chance to survive or to be happy. This is very different from Kant’s wherein his pursuit of self-interest is based upon what is right, not merely to be happy or to survive. Thus, he pursues the idea of good will. The idea of good will is basically doing what is morally right, so if an action requires injustice or cruelty, then it should be set aside as it is not morally right. Example, if doing a courageous act such as facing a battle in war and the war affects innocent people, then it is not morally right to do so. . ...Show more


Both philosophers believe in pragmatism and ethics. But Kant’s practical philosophy is concerned with the unwritten rules that govern human action while Hobbes believes that human actions are directed towards self-interest based on ethical egoism…
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Kant and Hobbes Comparison essay example
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