Satre Nietzsche & Human Nature

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Sartre and Nietzsche on Human Nature A controversial issue of human nature is discussed on the basis of philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre and Nietzsche further on. Existentialism and postindustrial humanism provide two different visions of a human nature. In the modern context, the philosophy of Nietzsche is more appropriate and relevant to the modern people of the global world.


Actions of the human beings define their essence and identity. Thus, a self-development of an individual depends on his actions. In case an individual lives in the society and his actions are predetermined and compared with the actions of other people, then there is a direct influence exerted on an individual’s identity. Social actions determine an individual’s essence. This is interpretation of the existence preceding essence. A feeling of responsibility is reflected in an individual’s feeling of anguish. A personal choice of an individual determines destiny of all other people and humankind in general. Our decision making can be decisive for other people. The existentialists do not believe in God. God does not determine whether we do right or a wrong action. Human instincts determine decision making. Different actions, taken by the individuals should be properly considered, because there is no external guidance of God or any other third power defining correctness of appropriateness of one’s actions. A purity of a human mind may occur in the state of "despair", when people have a chance to take control over his actions. A nature of a man, when considered by Nietzsche, refers to a man’s feature of inertia. This philosopher is focused on a group of chosen men, or creators. ...
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