Gandhi's VS. Martin Luther King's Views on Nonviolence.

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Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi have been two of the most renowned leaders in the history of the world. Born in two different places, and exposed to entirely different kinds of challenges in life, the views of the two leaders regarding nonviolence are totally different from each other.


Nonviolence is the “doctrine, policy, or practice of rejecting violence in favor of peaceful tactics as a means of gaining political objectives” (TheFreeDictionary, 2012). Nonviolence can also mean the “abstention from the use of physical force to achieve goals” (TheFreeDictionary, 2012). While Martin Luther King considers nonviolence as the fundamental code of life in all situations irrespective of the complexity of the circumstances, Mahatma Gandhi believed in a balance between violence and nonviolence to attain a holistic control over both the external and the internal factors influencing one’s life. This paper draws a comparison between the views of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi regarding nonviolence. Martin Luther King’s Views on Nonviolence Martin Luther King thought of the society as one unit in which if one is affected by the violence in some way, its consequences are borne by all people in the society indirectly.Therefore, the first and the foremost responsibility of every citizen is to feel this sense of belongingness and concernedness when somebody experiences violence. Martin Luther King believed that a nonviolent campaign basically consists of four steps; determination of the existence of injustice by collection of facts, dialogue, self-purification, and lastly, the direct action. None of these steps imparts the need for one to be violent in one’s attempt to eradicate violence from the society and spread peace. ...
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