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Utilitarian ethics - Essay Example

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Utilitarian ethics is based on the premise that the morally right course of action is one that produces maximum benefits to most of the people.Utilitarian ethics does not care what means are used to produce such benefits. …

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Utilitarian ethics

Utilitarian ethics is based on the premise that the morally right course of action is one that produces maximum benefits to most of the people. Utilitarian ethics does not care what means are used to produce such benefits. It aims at finding a right kind of action in a given situation that the utilitarian ethicists find themselves trapped into. Andre and Velasquez argue that utilitarian ethicist may coerce, manipulate or even lie in order to derive the maximum benefit to everyone. In current days, Scientists, diplomats, or business analyst think in terms of benefits and harms while suggesting a ban on certain pesticide, or making an investment in some project, or launching a new drug. Though utilitarianism is a popular ethical theory, it has several pitfalls too. Utilitarian theorists assign values to the benefits and harms derived from one set of actions and then compare the values that may arise through another set of action. But, often, it is not possible to measure or compare the values of benefits that may accrue from our actions. There are so many intangibles that are involved while attempting to measure the values of our so called moralistic actions. It is not possible to measure and compare the value of money with that of time, human dignity or for that matter human life. Utilitarian ethicist believe that moral decisions need to be taken based on benefit or burden to the society; however, such decisions may be unjust to many. ...
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