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Making Sense

to decide whether whatever going on is true or false, and whether it is good or bad. Making sense is a way to fulfill the curiosity of a person, and can be understood in levels of experiences which include; the five senses, affections and the memories whereby without these the experiences would be just plain data. Thus, to make sense of the data situational analysis is important i.e. what would be most suitable in a particular situation which would in turn lead towards good decision making. Moreover, to make good decisions, authenticity is the key, which is further characterized by experience, understanding, judgment and decision to decide if we are responsible or not. The most interesting part of making sense in this chapter was the proposition that we as humans are all truth seekers, we want to make sense of the world because we keep wondering, and we are always striving to remove the confusion around us, also because we are curious. These are all those realities which we can`t ignore, and even practically speaking makes perfect sense as that is why we want to make sense of the world. Chapter 4: Making Sense, Epistemology This chapter focuses on the epistemology of making sense i.e. the philosophy behind making sense, which can be divided into four levels. These levels or stages include experience, understanding, judgment and decision. ...
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Author`s Name School Name Title Chapter 3: Making Sense This chapter aims at defining the meanings of “making sense”, defining the levels of meanings, the levels of experience, the link between knowledge and decisions, along with the getting to know about the world around us…
Author : rohanliliane
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