Human Cloning: Right or Wrong?

Human Cloning: Right or Wrong?  Essay example
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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date of Submission: Human Cloning: Right or Wrong? The “Chambers Dictionary” defines cloning as “(n) a group of two or more individuals with identical genetic makeup derived, by sexual reproduction, from a single common parent or ancestor, (orig) applied to plants, but later applied much more widely; any of such individuals; a person or thing closely similar to another, a copy or replica.


This was done through nuclear substitution, a method besides cell mass division or “embryo splitting” which is the only method applied on humans. Humans have been attempted to have been cloned for the purpose of reproduction or experimental reasons. However this is considered an unworthy means to bring more humans to life because those in favor of human cloning fail to respect the early stage of human growth which directly questions human dignity. In a situation where a person is informed that he is cloned he will instantly undergo a phase of shock after which he will question what exactly “clone” means. He will confront a piece of knowledge that he might be a group or clone of “genetically identical individuals”. This will raise curiosity in him to seek out for his identical triplets or more. He might also confront the issue of whether this was morally correct to clone him or whether there are any side-effects that he might have to face in the long run (MacKinnon 1). With the coming of Dolly the cloned sheep things changed in the human world. Until then, cloning was just used as a tool of science fiction but now it has changed many things. Dolly was cloned from an adult sheep’s cells. ...
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