Personhood, Rationality and Morality

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Student Name: Instructor Name: Course Name: Personhood, Rationality and Morality The subject of personhood, rationality and morality is most often directly related to Derek Parfit, who is believed to be one of the most original writers of the century, who has contributed vastly to the field.


He was a proponent of the reductionist views of morality, and thus criticized various other theories of morality and rationality. Parfit made use of various experiments and theoretical worldviews to prove the point that continuity and self doesn’t matter much, in fact what matters the most is the individuality and the morals behind it which are essential to the existence of humans. To prove the point, he conducted various experiments out of which the teletransportation case is the most popular one, the claims of which will be central to the discussion of the paper. Through this experiment, which is a well conceived one indeed, he manages to prove that the survival or death of a person doesn’t matter in any case, the individual personhood and the morals behind matter. Also, Parfit is a proponent of the Buddhist view of self and thus argues that personhood in itself holds no value especially when the morals aren’t yet intact (Nagel pp 31). Thus, the paper aims at arguing over the point by using the tenets of philosophical argumentation by using logic and consistency between arguments, relying on contemporary philosophy, he himself being one of the most prevalent contributors to the field of contemporary philosophy. The paper revolves around this context explaining and arguing over the teletransportation case, and drawing analogues with human morality and personalization. ...
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