Social Justice, Acess to Health Care and Abortion Debate

Social Justice, Acess to Health Care and Abortion Debate Essay example
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Name Professor Institution Date Social Justice, Access to Health Care and Abortion Debate Deal with the broad issue of social justice and access to healthcare. Should we be concerned that given lack of universal coverage, that if we in America legalize euthanasia or cloning, the net effect will be bad for society as a whole because the burden and promise will be spread around unequally?


Universal access to health care is crucial as this is a basic human right. The health of a society is affected by not simply the ease of visiting a doctor, but also by the social status and the existing unfairness in universal coverage. Universal coverage of a population implies that when the population seeks health care, they receive at least a package of the service at a fair cost at the delivery point. Before legalizing any aspect of health intervention such as cloning or euthanasia, universal access should be ensured. Cloning and euthanasia have paramount impact on the culture and taboos of the population; thus, any application without prior universal access to the community will violate a population’s social rights. Ethical issues may arise in this case because the two medical advancements are not fully acceptable by all cultures. According to Pan American Health Organization, the ethical issue relating to euthanasia is if it is permissible to take one’s own life or if another person should be a partisan in taking another person’s life. Advocates of the practice argue that it is humane for a person to help another person die if it is the only recommended way of eliminating their pain and suffering. Those opposing it argue that it amounts to murder and contradicts the fundamentals of social justice. ...
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