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Dr. Randy Paush & The Last Lecture - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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Dr. Randy Pausch & The Last Lecture The Last Lecture is a 2008 book written by Randy Pausch computer engineering and human-computer professor at Carnegie- Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pausch was born in Baltimore Maryland in 1960. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Brown University in computer science in 1982 and his P.H.D…

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Dr. Randy Paush & The Last Lecture

In 1997, Pausch began teaching at CMU where he cofounded its Entertainment Technology Center. He also developed and began teaching a Building Virtual Worlds course at CMU until 2007. Pausch has consulted for Google on user interface design, consulted with PARC, Imagineering as well as Media Metrix. Pausch is also the founder of the Alice software project. (“Randy Pausch”) He received numerous awards for excellence in his profession and has written several journal articles. In 2006 Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He underwent a Whipple procedure in an attempt to stop the cancer from spreading. By the following year Pausch was informed that he only had three to six months to live. Soon after he and his wife Jai moved their three small children to Virginia, in order to be closer to Jai’s family. A month prior to his terminal diagnosis he and several other top professors at Carnegie Mellon University were asked to give a lecture where they are asked to think about their deaths and discuss the things that mean the most to them and what their legacy to their loved ones and the rest of the world would be after their deaths. On September 18, 2007 Pausch delivered his speech entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams “at Carnegie Mellon University. ...
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