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Two schools of thought: Before going in to the deep discussions on the two philosophers Mr. Descartes and Mr. David, we should first get familiar with the two schools of thought they belonged to. 1st thought is the empirical method and the 2nd one is metaphysical method of inquiry or research.


Researcher and philosopher would have to decide whether to go where with which type of inquiry method. Empirical method of inquiry to which Mr. David Hume belongs is basically the research which is based on the direct experiences and observations made. This method is adopted usually to test a hypothesis drawn for a research. Hypothesis is the assessment of association of variables and phenomenon gathered and drawn out of past studies. The word empirical itself means facts collected after direct experiences and observations. The paper “Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion” by David Hume is portraying the beliefs and knowledge gathering based on empirical method. David believes that knowledge comes from evidential base, so whether the religion beliefs are right or wrong, and you can say rational or not. By applying empirical method technique, David has to analyze whether there are enough proofs and valid arguments regarding existence of God or it is just about a person born with a particular religion. Another benefit comes from empirical studies that you have to ask directly the related population of your research about the concerns of objectives. Empirical studies are basically divided into two main broad categories. They are Qualitative methods and Quantitative methods. ...
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