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Euthanasia Or Abortion

The older concept was never differentiated from suicide and both activities were seen as similar in historic times and the definition assigned to the word euthanasia was very different from current world’s definition. In the Greek period, the act of euthanasia was recognized a means of death which was happy and satisfactory in nature and was hardly ever used and it was not used as a means of assisted suicide or mercy killing as it is use today. The meaning of the concept of euthanasia has experienced various changes in English language. In different periods, in different cultures, the definition of the word has altered from a happy means of death to murder which is not acceptable by the society or the law. Those individuals who are in favor of euthanasia state that not all societies in the past had a negative opinion on euthanasia and the western culture even favored it. For example the Eskimos used to conduct activities almost similar to euthanasia when an individual suffered from physical illnesses and became dependant on others, this especially used to take place while the resources became short or scarce (Atwood-Gailey 24). ...
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Euthanasia History The debate on Euthanasia dates back to 1100 – 600 BC in the writings of literature of ancient Israel, these writings represent the opinions of individuals such as philosophers and the ancient researchers and their opinion was completely in favor of Euthanasia (Trowell, 1973)…
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