Case study paper on - death penalty both pro and anti capital punishment

Case study paper on - death penalty both pro and anti capital punishment Essay example
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Death Penalty Both the articles talk about the issue of death penalty in detail. And both the articles take opposite stance with respect the execution of death penalty. The first article proposes the institutionalization of death penalty since it feels that it is the best form of punishment.


On the other hand, the article written by Hugo Bedau argues that death penalty is a lawful killing, and since it is a form of killing the law should rise above it and condemn it. He says that death penalty is an immoral act in an indecent form of action by the law, and the fact is that it is a dignified form of killing executed and polished by the law. I feel that both the articles make a very valid point, and it is upto the people and the law to decide what is right and wrong. However, keeping everything in mind, death penalty should be slowly taken away from the law and society as we move towards a more liberal and morally committed world. The first article is written in an extremist/radical style, while the other one is written in a liberal/radical style. Both the articles maintain a valid point of law, however, it is pertinent to note that death penalty should be tried to be done away with slowly, and not immediately. IN this context both the articles explain an important perspective, the perspective of doing away with death penalty but with slow time. Death penalty is not morally wrong. I am sure ernest van den hag would have reacted hard on this thought. ...
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