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A Response To the Promp

He believes that to be unhelpful, and wants the readers to focus on confronting the fact that everyone’s mind works differently and following the same morals - regardless of their perception of life - can be considered as dangerous. This, he thinks, is a much better approach as everyone should not be judged similarly, peoples’ situation in life is different thus, their thoughts about what is right and what is wrong may differ, too. One of the themes that is most talked about in his book is about the master-slave morality. He believes that the good and evil forces in the world are in a constant struggle against each other. The definition of good and evil is different for the rich and the poor. The aristocrats are the ones with the power, the wealth and even the health and are, thus, considered as good. This reminds one of Aristotle’s ethics which stated that only the noble could achieve moral excellence; the poor had no hope of doing that. The bad are those who were poor, unwell and weak, which would be the slaves in Nietzsche’s time. This was master-morality. In reference to the master-morality came the slave-morality, this seemed to be a contrast to the master-morality. The concept behind this is that the good are those who are meek and submissive; they are not worldly and are pious. These are, of course, the people who are a part of the lower caste group. ...Show more


Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche was a famous German philosopher who wrote several critical books regarding the religion, culture, morality, science as well as philosophy…
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